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Grassroots Creative Direction for SME's and OMB's.

Has your business strayed from the flight path?

Haai, I’m Toby – scriptwriter and owner of acclaimed Brand Development Studio Hide the Shark. 

I provide grassroots Creative Consultancy and Troubleshooting services to high flying SME’s and OMB’s who’ve gone a bit off course and need some strategic navigation to get them back on track.

As a business owner I know and understand the issues you face, because I have experienced them too.

Acting as your quick thinking Creative Co-Pilot, I’ll offer practical solutions to your marketing pain points and get you refuelled and back to base before sundown.

Freelance Creative and Brand Consultancy Services

Sometimes you just need to step away from the noise and bounce some ideas around

See me as your personal ideas factory.

Drawing from my Theatre Directing and Design Agency experience, I operate alongside senior leaders and teams, providing practical help in the following areas;

  • Ad-hoc or ongoing structured creativity within the organisation
  • A safe space to bounce around ideas and scope out new ventures before introducing them to the broader team
  • Help with pitch preparation and attending presentations to aid stakeholder buy-in or gain new clients
  • One to one public speaking and presentation preparation and coaching
  • Scriptwriting for public speaking and video
  • Guiding the technical aspects of creative and web briefs, ensuring you get the best results from your suppliers
  • Providing Creative Direction and Troubleshooting for projects that have come off the rails
  • Applying original logic to circumnavigate unexpected marketing pain points
  • Brainstorming initial concepts and potential directions around upcoming marketing campaigns

My creative background, backed up with practical design industry know-how, will help you avoid the elephant traps and find a pathway to success.

If you’re looking for a flexible in-house creative director, some brand and creativity workshops, or a keynote on strategic storytelling, please get in touch to explore how I can help you.

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Why Invest in Creativity?

A 2019 global study by Adobe found that businesses which invest in creativity saw improvements in the following areas:

Increased employee productivity

Satisfied customers

Better customer experiences


Financial returns

Brand Strategy Workshops & Training

Helping you to think like the people in colourful trainers

Putting creativity into your business will unlock ambition and help teams collaborate, create and innovate.

I favour a collaborative approach that uses practical drama exercises to build confidence and empower Business Owners, Senior Leaders, Managers & Teams to embrace change. 

  • Find your Brand Story Workshops 
  • Brand Therapy Workshops
  • Presentation Preparation Workshops 
  • Creativity Workshops
  • Preparing for Change Workshops

Get in touch to find out how I can tailor the perfect workshop to your needs.

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Narrative-led Brand Development

If you're ready to rebrand, find the Shark

If you are about to embark on a Rebrand, Brand or Web project, or need some high flying Creative Content, please visit my acclaimed mothership Hide the Shark, a full service, narrative-led Brand Development, Design and Digital marketing studio.

If you’ve enjoyed working with me, you’ll love working with the team. 

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Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

We know that we need a new website and we know we need to rebrand, but we need some help writing a brief before taking it out to tender.

We have commissioned an agency to rename us, but we’re now at a standstill as we don’t seem to be able to make a decision. We currently have twenty name options. How can we resolve this?

Our organisation is at a point where we need a rebrand, but we’re not quite sure what to tackle first and then how to prioritise everything else. How do we put a structure and brief in place so that we pick the right agency?

I’ve been tasked with heading up a new project in an area that I’ve not worked in before. I need to put out a public statement that is aligned with our company values and has the right tone of voice. I could also do with a bit of practice fielding tricky questions so that I don't get caught out!

We’ve started a rebrand project in a rush so there’s no real process in place. At the moment it feels like we’re going round in circles and we’re not sure how to move it forward. Can you help us get moving again?

Last year there was some money spent on marketing, but with no strategic plan in place, no KPI’s and very little sense of our audience. The CEO was disappointed with the result and is now showing resistance to further marketing investment. Any ideas on how to get him back on board?

I know that our service offers real potential for us to become the market leaders. Even though a rebrand might not be on the cards for 2-3 years, in order for my business plans to work it is essential that some kind of brand vision and messaging work occurs now. Can you help?

How Haai has helped

Toby's vision, expertise, and experience helped us to develop and communicate a bold, exciting and direct narrative to our audience. His creativity and ideas have been invaluable in helping us recognise exactly what we want to say and how to shape our message with flair and style. He has made everything so easy!

Dr Martin Constantine & Mark PuddleTheatre/Opera Director & West End Producer

“Toby has fresh, creative, bold ideas and is really exciting to work with.”

Sarah RobertsonCommunications and Special Projects Director

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